I am an Associate Professor (Docent) in the Computer Systems Department at the Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Sciences (Novosibirsk, Russia).

I am also a Research Scientist in Computer Systems Lab at the Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk, Russia).

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the area of high-performance parallel and distributed computing systems, parallel programming tools and software optimization.

Current research interests include: scalable topology-aware collective communication algorithms, hierarchical task mapping, MPI benchmarking, multithreading (scheduling, scalable synchronization, lock-free data structures, software transactional memory), PGAS models & languages, job scheduling in Grid systems.


  • Parallel Computing Technologies // SibSUTIS, Fall 2016
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming // ISP SB RAS, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing // School of Data Analysis, Yandex Spring 2016
  • High-Performance Computing Systems // SibSUTIS, 2010-2016
  • Data Structures & Algorithms // SibSUTIS, 2012-2016
  • Theory of Distributed Computer Systems Functioning Organization // SibSUTIS, 2010-2013
  • Theory of Computational Processes // SibSUTIS, 2006-2012

Current & Past PhD Students


Positions / Curriculum Vitae

2005-present Associate Professor (Docent) at SibSUTIS (Novosibirsk, Russia)
2006-present Research Scientist at ISP SB RAS (Novosibirsk, Russia)
2005-2008 Candidate of Science (PhD) at SibSUTIS
2006 Software Engineer (Intern) at Intel (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
2000-2005 Software Engineer at DCKT (Gorno-Altaysk, Russia)
2000-2005 Undergrad. student at Gorno-Altaysk State University